Exceptional quality at affordable prices – that is what guests at celebrity chef Justin Quek’s new F&B concept can look forward to. Grignoter by Chef Justin Quek, Southeast Asia’s first wine bar endorsed by Bordeaux Wine Council (Le Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, CIVB), is a casual space designed for wine aficionados and gourmets to rediscover Bordeuax. Beyond prized wines sought after by wine collectors throughout the world, the region is also a treasure trove of affordable wines waiting to be discovered, ranging from emerging labels to rare Grand Crus and Crus Artisans.

Through Grignoter, a partnership with CIVB, Singaporeans will be able to taste the best of Bordeaux at affordable prices, while learning about the rich culture and wine heritage of the region. The opening of Grignoter also makes Singapore the fourth city in the world – after New York, Shanghai and Fukuoka – to have a wine bar endorsed by CIVB.

“Coming from a Grand Cru region, Bordeaux wines are often perceived to be extremely expensive. Yet there are also many gorgeous Bordeaux wines that are very accessible. I would thus like to share these little-known treasures from the many wine makers in Bordeaux with wine lovers – especially a younger generation of diners and wine drinkers,” shares Justin. “Grignoter is also a platform for me to share the many ways to match Bordeaux wines: not just with rustic, classic French-style dishes but also with my Franco-Asian cuisine. It is really a casual, cosy place for everybody and anybody to come and partake in the joys of simple but high quality food and wine.”

The name meaning “to nibble” in French, Grignoter will serve rustic, regional French dishes such as braised beef Bordelaise, and Parmentier en Cocotte with pork belly rillon and foie gras. Alongside these are Franco-Asian snacks such as curry mussels veloute and braised Iberico pork belly bun.

“My love affair with Bordeaux started in 1985, with a bottle of 1982 Château Rauzan Segla and some blue cheese, shared with a dear friend. It was such an enjoyable experience that it is etched in my memory,” recounts Justin. “ Since then, I have been back to Bordeaux countless times. Each visit always brings delicious surprises – not just in terms of the simple yet satisfying regional dishes one can find there, but also in terms of the wonderful wines to be discovered.”